MRCOOL DIY 4th Gen E Star Single Zone Complete Sets


      Introducing the MRCOOL DIY 4th Gen Single Zone! This ductless air conditioning system is specifically designed for cooling or heating a single room or zone. It is a user-friendly Do-It-Yourself system that requires no professional help during installation. Equipped with pre-charged linesets, quick connect fittings, and communication wires, setting up the MRCOOL DIY Single Zone is hassle-free, requiring only basic hand tools.

      The MRCOOL DIY Single Zone is engineered for energy efficiency, boasting an Inverter-driven compressor that adapts the cooling output to the room's temperature needs. Additionally, it comes with Wi-Fi connectivity, granting users the ability to control and monitor the system remotely through a smartphone app.

      A popular choice for small rooms or spaces like bedrooms, home offices, and compact living areas, the MRCOOL DIY Single Zone offers different capacity options tailored to the area's size for optimal cooling or heating:

      • 12,000 BTU - Suitable for areas up to 550 square feet
      • 18,000 BTU - Ideal for spaces up to 800 square feet
      • 24,000 BTU - Effective in rooms up to 1,100 square feet
      • 36,000 BTU - Covers areas up to 1,550 square feet

      Stay in control of your indoor climate and enjoy energy-efficient comfort with the MRCOOL DIY 4th Gen E Star Single Zone!

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