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We living in the mountains of North Carolina. Losing power happens often, doesn’t last long but is a nuisance. Jackery has become our go to power source. We have Jackery 500, 800, 1000 and now the 3,000. All are incredibly easy to use, quick to charge and lightweight. The 3,000 is the best of all. The technical specs are available in the explanation of the product and other reviews. I’m speaking as a short woman who can easily pull up the handle of the 3,000 and take the Jackery anywhere inside or outside. We purchased the solar panels and they are wonderful. We take them outside monthly and quickly charge one of the Jackery, while charging our cell phones at the same time. It’s an exercise in ensuring we are both able to keep the power on no matter how long the power is out.

The units are about as heavy as you’d imagine. I wish the expansion battery would have wheels and a handle as well. Smart nature delivered pretty quickly and the boxes were pretty strong

Great value for the money. Watched all the reviews and appreciated the fact that the jackery came the closest to delivering on the specs. At 43# it's not a lightweight but easy enough to manage for car camping, tailgating, etc. plus a few days of power outages to power key household items. Would buy again

In south Florida we deal with a lot of power outages. And my work requires me to be out working when these occur. Though I have good generators my wife is unable to operate them. This unit solves that issue. She runs a few cords and can restore enough power to abide till I can get the generators up. That’s worth every penny to me.


I have purchased 4 P2000s, 2 E1500s and 3 200W Solar Panels from Jackery, all on sale and at a good price. These are among the highest quality products I have ever purchased. Very useful. I use them to run appliances during power outages and charge them from a gas powered generator along with the solar panels. Works well and I have a fully charged backup which I slide into place while I am charging a depleted Battery. This provides a reliable source of electricity that poses no threat of asphyxiation inside a home. It is nice to know there are still companies focused on quality and functionality. And for those looking to use them on the road in an RV all I can say is "Marco Polo Me Jackery

I bought this unit for the inevitable winter power outages we experience here in the Pacific Northwest. Fortunately I've not needed to use it yet but what I can say is it shipped and delivered in an amazingly short time. The unit had a 7% charge on it so I plugged it in and it reached 100% in about 2 hours. Everything that was supposed to come in the box was there as advertised. I had done a lot of research on power stations and determined this was the one I needed. When I found out these are made by Honda that sealed the deal for me. I originally tried ordering through the Jackery website but it was the last day of a promotion they were running and I was having a problem with their website. Ordering through Amazon was great since they also offered the same promo. Prior to placing my order I did have several questions for Jackery customer service and each time I emailed them I received an answer in 2 hours or less. Great customer service. I would highly recommend this power station and the Jackery company

Love love love the jackery.. just ordered my 3rd one and considering A 4th but need my questions answered asap please.Why does the 2000 pro cycle so high and spike while charging?

I've been using a smaller Jackery power station for some time and have used it for bounce houses and park outings for family events. Now that my family is looking to go on camping trips and longer outings, I need a larger power source that can accomodate more people using it and more devices plugged in at one time. After looking at several options for a larger portable power station, I ultimately decided on the Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro.First off, since I already have a prior power station from Jackery, I knew what it would look like in person. Jackery products have a simple and clean look so I would not be surprised by the appearance. Secondly, I am familiar with the quality and customer service. In looking to spend quite an amount on a new power station, I needed something reliable. Although I have two other contenders, I ultimately went with Jackery due to familiarity with the product and prior customer service experience.The Jackery 2000 arrived in a box that is about 13x16x17”. For a large capacity power station, I was expecting a much larger size and was pleasantly surprised that it still felt “compact.” I was still used to the prior version so the weight still felt substantially heavier for me at 43 lbs.Right out of the box, I noticed some changes made to this one compared to the prior versions. First is that the handle folds down flat rather than fixed at the top, thus, saving a little bit of space. Also, all the power outlets are moved to the back and the light display is brighter and visible in the front. Just those changes make this version more aesthetically pleasing.To get ready for usage, I charged it overnight as I do with all my electrical products. The power station does come with a small percentage already in there. When it is completely drained, I can charge it to full capacity (with wall plug) within two hours!After fully charging it for a day, I tested it out with various items around the house including laptops, cell phones, iPads, coffe

We charged it up,testing both the solar panels and then adding in home AC power. It took less than 2 hours. I then used the generator to power my chest freezer for awhile to make sure it could do it. Then during the next hurricane I hooked my sump pump to it and it did well. It is a bit too heavy for me (an older, not too athletic woman) to carry, but the guys seem to have no trouble.

I've only had the Jackery 2000 Pro for a short period of time. I purchased it to backup a spare upright freezer. Testing the Jackery showed it would power the freezer fine. I did not time how long to get to 0% charge however. Attached the solar panels just to make sure they are working. I would like to compliment Jackery's customer service. My first unit would not charge. They covered the shipping cost back to their facility and shipped a replacement apparently the same day. No hassle.The build quality is excellent. The handle on the top is required, as this is a heavy unit. I am 75 y/o and won't be moving it very often. Watch for Jackery's sales as you can save quite a bit on money. I also have a Jackery Explorer 1000 that is two years old. I can move it around as needed, and it has performed without any problem. That's what gave me the assurance to invest in another Jackery model.

I have a Jackery 300 so I as familiar with the company and design, and I was looking for generator for emergency backup for appliances such as refrigerator and freezer during blackouts. The Jackery 2000 pro is extremely easy to setup with the 2 solar panels. The SolarSaga 200W appear to work well, I am able to squeeze 170W if I adjust the angle. However, the 200W panels are a bit bulky and perhaps the 100W may be easier to setup (but I have no experience with the 100W panels). Solar panels fold up nicely for easy storage.The flip down handle is a better design than previous versions, and the generator is not too heavy (I can carry the battery and the folded panels at the same time). I like the simplicity of the display. I don't have experience with other solar generators, but Jackery makes it super easy to setup and just works. I didn't want to spend a lot of time figuring out setup, complicated displays, battery makeup, etc.Support was very responsive, one of the solar panels arrived with a crack. Jackery support responded within a day, provided label for return, and promptly sent out a replacement.

The Jackery 2000 pro has been perfect for our needs. Bought a small rv , but the 3way fridge was broken. For the cost to replace it... I put my money into the Jackery system, and built in a $200 dorm fridge/freezer to replace the 3way. Looks great/works great! I still have 3 ways to run it. Plugged into land power, Jackery when not, solar when needed, or I can run our generator to charge, then the Jackery can run everything for a day or so!!! Due to the quick charging, I have only needed the solar panel once, and it worked like a charm! I put a weather grommet from the box that the rv plug is stored into, to the back interior, pulled the plug through to our storage basement where it connects to the Jackery. Can’t believe I can just plug in an entire camper!To top it off, my wife loves it too! We are thankful for the freedom to camp, without power hookups, when we find the perfect spot. :-)

We live in California and have experienced the impact of rolling blackouts. This product provides us the clear ability to have key back up capabilities for essential power needs when the utility company has to shut down power for safety reasons. Really happy with its capabilities. Chuck and LIsa

Everyone should have one worth having in a power shortage. I rent mine at work all the time. I plan on buying more

The battery unit is very solid and quite heavy. even the solar panels are hefty. The unit works quite well and I can get 300 watts out of the solar panels even in winters low angle light. I can run my refrigerator with ease. The unit stores easily with its folding handle, a big upgrade to older units

This off-grid setup works excellently in the SW with abundant sunshine and is a great way to scale back on fossil fuels. We used this setup for our kitchen electric single burner for meals and an electric kettle for morning tea and coffee. The Jackery 2000 Pro charges quickly with (2) 200-watt solar panels. Very happy with it!

SUMMARY- PROS: Large battery capacity / High AC inverter output / Fast charging / Modern look with beautiful display / Customer service, 5-year warranty- CONS: Heavy / Plastic enclosure / No Anderson Power Pole (APP) port / 8mm port changed to DC8020 / No mobile app supportINTROUpgraded power stations and solar panels had been announced by Jackery during their annual "Jackery Day" since I purchased their Explorer 1000 (E1000) in 2020. What made the E1000 a good pick was its feature set, lower price, lighter weight, excellent customer service, and better value than the Goal Zero Yeti 1000x, although at a lower build quality and with slightly diminished technical engineering. Lately, I had been noticing an influx of impressive products coming out of manufacturers old and new, including EcoFlow's Delta Pro that wowed me to no end. Some had even started to diversify their portfolio, like EcoFlow releasing its first, portable air conditioner -- the Wave -- in their quest to gain market share.It came as no surprise that Jackery had to come up with something new in the face of their Explorer 1000 showing its age. The company in September 2022 announced its new flagship product at Berlin's IFA consumer electronics trade show, the Explorer 1000 Pro, and in May 2022 in New York, the Explorer 2000 Pro. Some of their touted features was fast-charging that promised to take an empty battery to full within just a couple hours. We love that trend!We will be comparing the Explorer 2000 Pro against our Goal Zero Yeti 1500x and, to a small extent, the EcoFlow Delta Pro.ANALYSISThe Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro, like Goal Zero, continued with the company's tradition to use the Lithium-ion NMC (Nickel Manganese Cobalt) battery chemistry over the Lithium-ion LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) that some would swear by. Both have their pros and cons that we will go over later in this review. Competitors Bluetti and EcoFlow had been focusing on LiFePO4 as of late.Lithium-ion NMC batteries are li.

Great for short term home backup and for camping/tailgating. I keep mine charged as a battery backup for essential home appliances and have used while tailgating to keep a heater and hotpot going. The draw from the heater was strong but maintained power for the hour I needed it.

I love the Jackery SG2000 because it gives me additional piece of mind in case of power failures for example: I can use the generator to run electric heaters. Add to that the solar panels that re-charges the unit in case of long term power outages is a major plus

The Pro 2000 is a nice package that functions as advertised. This device is easy to understand and use, nice for novices like me. It's kind of heavy but I suppose these devices are all heavy and I don't have anything to compare. I like the simple display on the front that allows me to plug in appliances and see how much power they draw, then guesstimate what to expect in case of an electric outage, particularly with winter coming and seemingly less reliable energy supply these days. I saw a live demo recently describing how to make your own solar panel and battery set-up, way too complicated for me.

We ordered our Jackery 2000pro with 400w panels after doing the research, and we could not be happier with the purchase! We got it shipped to our door in record time, and it was packed very well. It was such a simple "plug and play" set up that my wife also felt very confident setting it up herself as well. We unpacked the panels, they came in really nice carrying cases with pockets to store the cables conveniently. We plugged in the panels and got them oriented quickly drawing from the sun in the driveway to see the input. The screen is very simple to quickly read, and very well laid out. We plugged in our garage refrigerator and several other items while it was charging from the sun, true pass through power! We then registered it online and got an extended warranty for doing so free of charge, we even got an email from Jackery a week after we received the product to make sure we know how to contact them should any issues arise and also make sure we were 100% happy with our generator. I haven't had to contact them yet, but it says a lot about their customer service. Don't wait on this, jump on the Jackery wagon, you will not be disappointed!!

I purchased the jackery 2000 pro with two 200w solar panels and overall satisfied. I was quite pleased to see that it was able to keep a large 90 qt fridge running, a bright 5 panel camping light, charge a large portable outdoor speaker, charge multiple smaller lights and fans, a number of mobile devices during a 3 day long camping trip. All on one full charge without using any solar panels. It is very versatile to use along the solar panels for extended stays or even more power. The weight is manageable. It’s on the pricey side but would still recommend if you don’t want to be as limited to how much power you want to use.