Smart Nature Plant Tree

We plant trees
with every order

With your order we will plant trees to contribute to reforestation projects in US National Forests

Make the world a better place

Smart Nature wants to make a difference with you by planting 1 Million trees.

For every product you purchase, Smart Nature will donate to plant a tree in a reforestation project in US National Forests in partnership with One Tree Planted.

For every purchase, we will send you a Tree Certificate with the number of trees we planted.

We will share updates on the reforestation projects after each planting season so you can track the impact your trees have on the environment.

Create healthy recreation spaces

Preserve landscapes with historical value

We are on a Mission

1 Million Trees Mission

Smart Nature wants to make a difference with you by planting 1 Million trees. For every purchase you make, we will contribute to planting trees in US National Forests - your trust in us grows trees on public land from coast to coast!

What's The Impact Of 1 Million Trees?

20,000 acres of forest

Reforestation projects contribute to conserving wildlife species and bringing back biodiversity to support damaged ecosystems. Planting 1 Million trees is the same as planting 20,000 acres of forest, depending on the type of tree. That’s an area of more than 15,000 football fields!

24,000 tons CO2 each year

Trees produce the oxygen that we need to breathe and absorb carbon dioxide. When trees absorb carbon dioxide they help to stabilize our climate. Planting 1 Million trees will absorb 24,000 tons of carbon dioxide each year. That’s the same as taking 6,000 cars off the road each year!

1,000 carbon neutral people

Some people commute to work, turn on the air conditioner or take a flight from time to time. Planting 1 Million trees will absorb around the same amount of carbon dioxide as 1,000 people emit in a year. The average North American will need to plant 1,000 trees to offset the average carbon footprint!