1Love Health Sauna Sauna Blanket
1Love Health Sauna Sauna Blanket
1Love Health Sauna Sauna Blanket
1Love Health Sauna Sauna Blanket
1Love Health Sauna Sauna Blanket
1Love Health Sauna Sauna Blanket
1Love Health Sauna Sauna Blanket
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1Love Health Sauna Sauna Blanket

Cutting Edge Sauna

Made with extremely DURABLE nylon, 1Love Sauna Blanketes will help you feel amazing no matter where you are. Offered with or without stones, in a variety of colors.
  • 77-176°F Intensity
  • 0.258mG Average EMF
  • Uses Standard 110V Outlet
  • 5-15 Minute Preheat Time
  • Three Zone Temperature Control

Far Infrared Tuned to your Body

  • Tuned To 4-15μM
  • 360 Degree Coverage
  • Tuned For Your Body's Natural Frequency
  • Intense Immersion to Raise Core Temperature

In a 'walk/sit down' sauna room, distance far infrared must travel is not consistent, which could leave you several feet away from the source.

Optimal Positioning

  • Improves Circulation
  • Increases Relaxation
  • Reduces Body Tension

Laying down allows you body to release the demands of gravity. This in turn allows optimal blood circulation and benefits from using a sauna. Additionally, you can truly relax, unlike in a cabin-style sauna.

 3 Zone Control

  • Control Each Portion Separately
  • Choose The Temperature Range For YOU
  • 1200W Powerful Control Box
  • Less Than $5/Month
  • 1-60 Minute Timer

Our pro control box allows you to have full control of your sauna environment. Set each section's temperature individually to provide you with the most comfort possible.

 Therapeutic Stones

  • Enhance Far Infrared Output
  • Experience Eastern Medicine Healing
  • Releases Negative Ions For Detox
  • Increase Sauna Intensity
When heated, therapeutic stones release far infrared, amplifying the overall intensity of far infrared output in the sauna dome. These stones have also been used in eastern medicine for centuries as a form of healing and detoxification.

Sauna Sizing Guide

Find Your Sauna

Measure The Circumference of The Largest Part of Your Body
(Be Sure to Include Your Arms)

  • If greater than 58" and smaller than 77", choose the XL model.
  • If smaller than 58", choose the standard model.
  • Both standard and XL models are the same length.

It is important to get the sauna that would best fit you. Proper sauna sizing allows for optimal infrared absorption and the most minimal preheat time.



 What's Included




 Why Choose a Far Infrared Sauna Blanket?

Far infrared rays penetrate far below the skins surface in order to heat the body. Conversely, traditional saunas heat the air around you, which heats your body. A far infrared sauna, especially a far infrared sauna blanket uses far infrared heat that requires much lower temperatures to heat the body to the core. This makes for a much more pleasant experience, while still leveraging all of the health benefits that sauna usage has to offer. Our sauna dome still allows high temperatures, so that when the body becomes heat-adapted you can progressively increase the temperature for even the most experiences sauna blanket users.

Does a Far Infrared Sauna Give you the same benefits?

Infrared sauna usage can provide many different benefits. These benefits typically stem from the idea of heating the body. Infrared sauna blankets work in the same way larger saunas do, they pentrate far below the skins surface, in order to directly heat the body. Some of the best sauna blankets are still able to achieve temperatures that are plenty high enough for anyone. This allows you to fully leverage the health benefits of far infared, while doing it wherever you choose.

A sauna blanket helps with: improved muscle recovery, better sleep, relieved body aches, truly deep sweat, fall asleep quicker, deep relaxation, stress relief, reduced rates of cardiovascular related death, improved immune system function, improved blood flow and much more.

What is the Warranty?

We take pride in the quality of our products and believe we have some of the best infrared sauna blankets. We have a limited lifetime warranty to support you whenever you need it. Additionally, we have a one year warranty where we will cover any defects with your infrared sauna blanket.

What should you know about Low EMF Sauna Blankets?

Oftentimes infrared sauna blanket companies fail to provide accurate EMF measurements. With most sauna blankets, the material is quite thin, along with the carbon heating elements. This means a substantial amount of effort needs to go into EMF shielding. This process costs extra money in manufacturing so many companies avoid it. It is very important to know if you're purchasing a high EMF sauna blanket or not, this is why our company is totally transparent. Any sauna blanket that releases far infared will have EMF, if they advertise true 0.00 EMF, then they are not being truthful. We try our best to get as close to 0.00 as possible. Truly low EMF is what makes our infrared sauna blankets safe.
1Love One Person Infrared Sauna Dome EMF: 0.284mG Overall Average EMF
1Love One Person Infrared Sauna Dome Body Voltage: 1.8V

How Infrared Sauna Blankets Powered?

Single person infrared sauna blankets are awesome because they can be powered with a standard household outlet. All 1Love infrared sauna blankets come with a standard 110v plug in that allows you to leverage sauna sessions anywhere that has a standard household outlet.

Indoor or Outdoor Sauna Blanket?

The placement of your sauna will rely on weather conditions and protective environments in order for them to operate normally and free of damage. Traditional indoor saunas that use cedar are very appealing and even come with a pleasant cedar aroma. Consquentially, if you choose to place these outside, it is important to choose a sauna that uses weatherproof material, especially because these large, cabin-style saunas are very combersome to move.

A great aspect of portable infrared sauna blankets is that you can truly take them wherever you choose, as long as the weather is treating you well. A portable home sauna like ours is very easy to take with you and move around. This means if you come across a nice sunny day where you want to take your sauna session outside, you may do so. Since they use a standard 110V outlet, they can easily be placed on a nice clean deck outside to enjoy total relaxation where ever you please. Some larger saunas are heavily dependent on larger breaker boxes for their high electricity output and are much harder to transport or move.

What types of Heating Elements are Used?

Generally, there are two main types of infrared heaters. These are carbon heaters and ceramic heaters. Our single person saunas all use carbon heating elements for several reasons. Carbon heating elements generally heat up faster than ceramic. They are also easier to shield EMF from. This is especially important when looking into portable saunas, since the body is so close to the heating elements. Additionally, carbon heaters are able to be more compact and fit into smaller places. This is great for a home sauna blanket or any 1 person sauna. Ceramic heating elements are typically larger, take longer to preheat, but in some cases can be a bit more intense; however, our carbon heating elements are the most intense on the market.

Does Infrared Sauna Blanket Help you Lose Weight?

Infrared sauna blankets mimic a fever while using them, since they increase overall body temperature. This increase causes an up-regulation in metabolism, during the period of core temperature increase, which burns calories. The science indicates that there is roughly a 10-13% increase in metabolism per degree of core body temperature increase. This could result in as much as a 40% increase in caloric burn during a sauna session. Implementing this into your daily routine could help you burn body fat as long as a caloric deficit is in place.

How Long should I use a Infrared Sauna Blanket?

Optimal time is a sauna is dependent on the frequency of sauna use. It is recommended to get at least 58 minutes of infrared sauna blanket sessions per week. This means you could break it down into one day, with careful hydration, or separate it into a two to three times a week. The goal should be to keep each infrared blanket session at a minimum of 20 minutes long. This helps make sure the overall experience can have true health benefits. This allows the body to heat up enough to leverage all of the health benefits that the best infrared sauna has to offer. It is important to not initially attempt for one session to be 60 minutes long because this could lead to severe overheating. Infrared sauna treatments should start in small amount and increase safely as your body adapts.

What are the Therapeutic Stones For?

Therapeutic stones are stones that when heated, release far infrared. These heated stones help amplify the intensity of far infrared within your sauna blanket. In a 1Love detox sauna blanket, these stones are included all around to create a total 360 degree far infrared environment, this allows you to leverage all that far infrared rays have to offer.

Toxic Materials?

Sauna blankets are oftentimes are made with materials that can release harmful VOCs into your household and leave it smelling poorly. A 1Love infrared sauna blanket is made with all non-toxic materials to ensure minimum VOC release. It is important to note that with any new product, the first time heat up maybe have a slight smell to it, but this will remedy after simply a day or two.

How should You clean a Sauna Blanket?

A sauna blanket generally requires very little upkeep. Cleaning far infared sauna blankets is also very easy, but there are some important things to note. Whenever you're cleaning your sauna blanket, you should always use non-toxic cleaning supplies. This is to ensure no toxic VOCs are emitted.
1Love Saunas recommends to use equal parts water and white vinegar, with a combination of lemon and eucalyptus oil.
This creates a disinfectant spray that smells nice and avoids any toxic chemicals.

What shouldn't use a Sauna Blanket?

Far Infrared sauna blankets are very safe, especially when they are truly low EMF. The people that should avoid an infrared sauna blanket are people that have recently had surgery, are extremely sensitive to higher temperatures, pregnant, have pre-exisiting heart complications or on any medications that specifically say to limit heat exposure. If you are ever curious about if an infrared sauna blanket could negatively impact your pre-exisiting conditions, please check with your doctor or specialist before purchasing one to ensure there will be no adverse effects.

What should I wear in an Infrared Sauna Blanket?

When using any type of sauna blanket it is important to avoid wearing any sort of metal. Even inside of a far infrared sauna blanket, metal can heat up and lead to burns. In terms of what to clothing to wear inside of a sauna, less is better. For traditional saunas, clothing doesn't matter quite as much because hot air is what heats the body. In a far infrared sauna, infrared rays are used to directly heat the body from within. This means that any clothes you wear simply act as a barrier for far infrared light. The less clothes you wear in an infrared sauna, the more you will sweat.

What is the Shipping Weight?

Our far infrared sauna blankets are lightweight, ranging from 27 lbs with stones and 22lbs without stones.


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We take pride in the quality of our products and believe we have some of the best infrared sauna blankets. We have a limited lifetime warranty to support you whenever you need it. Additionally, we have a one year warranty where we will cover any defects with your infrared sauna blanket.

For other questions please email us at support@smartnaturestore.com or call our hotline number at (855) 601-2444. 

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