Choosing the Perfect MrCool DIY Ductless Mini-Split Configuration

A Guide for MrCool Systems

Welcome to the world of efficient climate control with MrCool DIY ductless mini-split systems. Whether you're looking to cool or heat a single room or multiple areas, MrCool offers a range of options to meet your needs.

In this guide, we'll walk you through the parameters to consider when configuring your DIY system, ensuring you achieve the perfect balance of comfort and efficiency.

1. Understanding Your Needs and Preferences

When it comes to choosing the right DIY ductless mini-split configuration, it's essential to start by understanding your specific needs and preferences. Take the following factors into account:

How many zones (areas) do you need to heat/cool?

  • Assess the areas of your home or space that require individual temperature control.
  • Consider the number of zones you want to create for personalized comfort.
  • Keep in mind that MrCool systems offer options for 1 to 5 zones, providing flexibility to cater to your unique requirements. The condensers are available in various sizes, including 18k BTU, 24k BTU, 36k BTU, and 48k BTU, allowing you to match the system's capacity to the number of zones you need.

How large is each area (how many square feet)?

  • Measure the square footage of each area to determine the cooling and heating capacity required.
  • The size of the area will help you select the appropriate air handler, which is responsible for delivering conditioned air. MrCool air handlers come in sizes ranging from 9k BTU to 36k BTU. Matching the air handler's capacity to the area's square footage ensures optimal performance and energy efficiency.
  • Refer to the following equivalences between square footage and BTU capacities:
Square Footage Range

Recommended Air Handler BTU Capacity

100-200 SqFt 6,000-7,000 BTU (0.5 ton)
200-400 SqFt 9,000 BTU (3/4 ton)
400-600 SqFt 12,000 BTU (1 ton)
600-800 SqFt 18,000 BTU (1.5 ton)
800-1,200 SqFt 24,000 BTU (2 ton)
1,200-1,500 SqFt 30,000 BTU (2.5 ton)
1,500-1,800 SqFt 36,000 BTU (3 ton)
1,800-2,000 SqFt 48,000 BTU (4 ton)
2,000-2,500 SqFt 60,000 BTU (5 ton)

If the area has an oven, high ceilings, many people, poor insulation, and poor windows, we suggest you choose the next size up from the above suggestions.

What is the distance between the air handlers and the condensers?

  • The distance between the air handlers (indoor units) and the condensers (outdoor units) plays a crucial role in the proper functioning of your ductless mini-split system.
  • Measure the distance accurately, as longer distances may require additional refrigerant line sets.
  • Line sets for these DIY sets range from 16 ft. up to 75 ft., making them suit the needs of your specific configuration.

2. Configuring Your DIY System

Now that you understand the key parameters, let's walk through the process of configuring your DIY ductless mini-split system using MrCool products:

Determine the number of zones you need based on the areas you want to heat or cool. Consider the condenser sizes available and select the appropriate one to match your requirements.

  • Calculate the square footage of each area to determine the cooling and heating capacity needed. Choose the air handlers that align with the size of each area for efficient temperature control.
  • Measure the distance between the air handlers and the condensers accurately. This measurement will help ensure the proper installation of refrigerant line sets and maintain optimal system performance.

3. Configurator


Remember, MrCool systems are designed with DIY installation in mind. However, it's essential to carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines to ensure a successful installation. If you're unsure about any aspect of the installation process, consider consulting a professional for assistance.


Configuring your DIY ductless mini-split system with MrCool allows you to create a personalized climate control solution for your home or space. By considering the number of zones, square footage of each area, and the distance between the air handlers and condensers, you can ensure optimal performance and efficiency. With MrCool's reputation for high-quality products, you can confidently embark on your DIY project, enjoying the benefits of a comfortable and energy-efficient environment.

If you have any further questions or need guidance throughout the configuration process, don't hesitate to reach out to our knowledgeable team. Happy configuring!