Kooru Cold Plunge Tub
Kooru Cold Plunge Tub
Kooru Cold Plunge Tub
Kooru Cold Plunge Tub
Kooru Cold Plunge Tub
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Kooru Cold Plunge Tub

Passionately Handcrafted Using Sustainable And Ethically Sourced Materials

Kooru set out to build something beautiful that would stand out in any environment with unparalleled performance and reliability. Each tub is customized with premier craftsmanship for the discerning buyer.

Kooru goes that little bit extra in every tub they build and every step of the manufacturing process. From hand selecting every board, to carefully firing and sanding each board in the Japanese tradition of Shou sugi ban. The venerable method used to protect wood for centuries. 

The result is an unmatched depth of color in the wood and exposed grain. It highlights their goals of contrast, further demonstrating that good stress makes you stronger just as cold water is a hormetic stressor on the body.

The cold plunges, made out of selected redwood, come completely set up, the system is simple to maintain and only requires 110V of electricity. Let this beautiful tub remove all barriers to the mental and physical benefits that are waiting for you.


There are countless health benefits to cold therapy. From the mental to the physical and everything in between, here are some of the many benefits that come with cold exposure.

Overall Health Mental Fitness  Recovery
Immune System Support Boost In Energy Lower Inflammation
Increase Blood Flow
Elevate Mood Reduce Muscle Soreness

Reduce Chronic Pain

Practice Discipline


Boost Performance

Boost Your Metabolism

Increased Resilience

Better Sleep

Main Characteristics

  • Size: 64” L x 34 “ W x 35” H – At least 33 inches of clearance through doors and/or passages is needed to get your tub to its location. Due to the hand-crafted nature of our tubs, dimensions may have very subtle variances in length and width dimensions up to ¼”.
  • Size of tub compartment: 36L * 24W *30H – The Tub is high-density polyurethane
  • Weight: 400 lbs  It can be moved and lifted by grabbing the corner posts by two people or moving trolleys.
  • Other:
    • Takes approximately 60 gallons of water in the tub. Water height is adjustable based on the body’s displacement and how high you want it to reach. Some people like it just above the shoulders however you can easily reach neck/ chin height
    • Chiller is 1/4 hp pump is 950 GPH
    • Water sanitation or treatment is by an Ozonator emitting O3
    • Typical Power usage is 350 – 500 Watts @ 3-5 amps on a regular 110-volt plug. Electrical outlets should be GFCI or grounded outlets as required by state laws. Plugs into a normal home outlet
    • Filter changing and replacement is about 1 every 1-2 months depending on usage.
  • Production time: about 2 weeks
  • Shipping: based on location but another 2 weeks or so

Hand Crafted in San Diego

Kooru set out to create something beautiful, capable of elevating any surrounding while delivering unmatched performance and reliability. Each of the plunges are hand crafted by skilled artisans in San Diego.




Color Options Teak, Oiled Leather, Spanish Oak, Light Natural, Dark natural, Other ($350 min extra Customization)
Chiller control orientation Left, Right
Size 64” L x 34” W x 35” H = 5.3’ L x 2.8’ W x 2.9’ H
Tank holds 100 gallons but fill to about 60 gallons
Dry weight ~400 lbs and wet weight ~1000 lbs
Made from redwood
Treated with Shou Sugi Ban
  • An ancient Japanese wood preservation technique
  • Five color options:


Science Backed Benefits

 Reduces Stress- It's like a "Chill Pill"

For anyone facing stress, this is among the best upsides of cold water therapy.

These days, high levels of stress are all too common amongst all ages. Thankfully, there are many techniques that can help us manage stress-with cold immersion being one of the  most effective. Clinical research has proven that a plunge in cold water increases the production of mood-elevating hormones and neurotransmitters noradrenaline(530%) and dopamin(250%). Increases like this are typically only seen after bungee jumping or skydiving for the first time! Many anti- depressant and ADHD medications are noradrenergic and dopamine reuptake inhibitors. So- “take the plunge” if you are seeking a natural way to improve the symptoms of depression, anxiety or ADHD.  

Increase Alertness

This is perhaps one of the best mental health benefits of cold immersion. Cold immersion techniques are proven to enhance mental alertness and focus. This is due to the nominal shock from cold exposure, which activates the sympathetic nervous system. As a result of this “fight or flight” nervous system activation, cognitive abilities are stimulated in the brain. This increases focus, concentration, and alertness.

It Helps Improve Your Psyche

As highlighted above, cold immersion favorably affects the cognitive stream of humans and can even act as an antidepressant. According to this study by the International Journal of Circumpolar Health, which reviewed winter swimming in Finland, regular winter swimming led to an improvement in general feelings of well-being. When cold water touches the body, norepinephrine (an anti-stress hormone/neurotransmitter) and adrenaline are released. This leads to positive feelings and emotions. Therefore, cold therapy is a helpful way to improve the psyche.

Reduce Inflimmation

 In the same way that putting an ice pack on an injured muscle reduces swelling and inflammation, submerging in cold water has a similar effect on the entire body. It’s no surprise, then, that cold water therapy is popular among athletes who are looking to recover after intense workouts.  Researchers in Hong Kong performed a study to examine the impact of cold-water exposure on muscle oxygenation. It showed that cold immersion after regular exercise caused the blood vessels to constrict, thus supplying less blood to the affected area and reducing inflammation and pain for up to one day after the workout. In another study examining the outcomes of cold water immersion in a four-day soccer tournament, it resulted in reduced aches and muscle pains in the athletes. While cold water therapy is helpful for athletes, it can also alleviate pain in people with other underlying conditions. Per the same study, it was shown that cold immersion can help with pain associated with fibromyalgia and rheumatism. As such, cold immersion therapy helps treat inflammation and pain while preventing the side effects of anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers.

Reduced Muscle Pain

In the same way cold immersion reduces inflammation, it also relieves aches and pains in the muscles. This occurs because cold water causes the blood vessel to constrict, thus leading to less swelling.

In a study conducted in 2020, researchers found that cold water immersion enhanced muscle recovery in volleyball players who practiced cold immersion over 16 days. Athletes who immersed their bodies in cold water reported less muscle soreness after exercising than those who did not.

Given that faster muscle recovery increases athletic performance, this cold exposure benefit is very important for athletes.

Boosts Physical Performance in Sports

As covered above, cold immersion offers many athletic advantages in terms of exercise recovery and reducing inflammation. With many profound hydrotherapy benefits, it’s no wonder so many famous athletes have ice baths in their homes. It also shouldn’t come as a surprise that cold tubs are widely found in fitness centers and athletic facilities— particularly those catering to professional athletes.

In addition to cold water benefits on athletic recovery, it’s also great for cooling off after a workout. Cold exposure reduces the body temperature and inflammation, a recipe for success in athletic performance.

Weight Loss and Metabolism

For many, this is one of the more surprising benefits of cold exposure. According to a study performed by Dr. Paul Lee at the National Institute of Health, taking a cold plunge can activate brown fat in your body. This, in turn, causes the hormones Irisin and FGF to be released, burning fat tissues and leading to weight loss. Another way cold immersion triggers weight loss is through shivering, which produces heat and burns calories in the body. Per this research study, cold-induced shivering resulted in energy expenditure that may aid the body against obesity and related conditions.

In addition, a research study in 2009 found that short-period cold water immersions (up to 5 minutes) increased the rate of metabolism. This is another way of achieving weight loss. Note that metabolism is the process where your body converts what you eat/drink into energy, so a higher metabolic rate means more energy burned. Furthermore, this scientific study by the European Journal of Applied Physiology evidenced that cold immersion at 57°F (14°C) increased metabolism by 350%.

Helps Improve Sleep

Research has often linked cold showers and other forms of cold pool therapy to better sleep. In this study performed on male endurance runners, participants immersed in cold water for 10-15 minutes experienced a drop in body temperature and fewer nighttime arousals. The reason for this is simple: cold showers trigger the body’s sympathetic nervous system (“fight of flight” response). However, shortly after the cold-water “stressor” is no longer present, the Vagus nerve is stimulated. This leads to feelings of peace and calm in the body.

In addition to cold showers, this study performed on distance runners in China evidenced that cryotherapy also enhances sleep quality. Regardless of the type of cold water exposure therapy, it’s clear that whole-body cold immersion benefits sleep.

Boost Your Immune System

Given everything else we’ve learned about cold therapy until now, this benefit of cold plunges shouldn’t come as a surprise. Cold exposure leads to a better immune system and the prevention of common diseases and fevers.

According to this study in the Netherlands, people who take cold showers call in sick for work or school 29% less than their peers. Similarly, cold exposure can help the body fight infections by producing a stronger anti-inflammatory response. A more robust anti-inflammatory response is crucial to reducing inflammation throughout the body.

Another study performed in the Netherlands found that individuals could activate their immune system to fight infection using meditation, cold immersion, and breathwork techniques. The study population was subjected to a bacterial infection to examine how their bodies would respond. As a result, the group given those techniques reported fewer symptoms than those who did not practice them. Their body systems generated lesser pro-inflammatory cytokines and more anti-inflammatory chemicals to respond to the bacterial infection.

In another study, doctors found that those who showered with cold water produced higher white blood cell counts than those who didn’t. Medical experts suggest that white blood cells, which fight infections, circulate in the body faster when one is exposed to colder temperatures. This also enhances the body’s antibody and t-cell response.

As these studies suggest, hydrotherapy—particularly cold water exposure—has a remarkable effect on the human body’s immune system.

Improves Lympathic Mobility

Cold water immersion therapy also has profound effects on the body’s lymphatic system. This is a network of vessels in the body that helps the body cleanse itself. It does so by clearing out cellular waste and microbes to help your body fight and resist diseases. Key parts of the lymphatic system include lymph nodes, lymph vessels, lymphatic fluid, bone marrow, and the spleen.

Although the lymphatic system is distinct from the blood vessels, it moves around the body in a similar way. The system depends on muscle contraction to move the lymph fluid through the vessels. If the lymphatic system becomes sluggish or stagnant, a buildup of fluids and toxins can occur — leading to colds, joint pain, or even disease.

According to this study by the Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine, cold exposure has a positive effect on lymphatic circulation. As part of this study, bags of cold water were applied to participants’ ankles. Water measured at 34°F (1°C) significantly increased lymph flow. In addition, researchers found that applying pressure to cold had an even greater effect. The reason for this is simple: cold water makes your lymph vessels contract, thus moving lymph fluid through your system. This, in turn, flushes out the waste and stimulates the immune system. As a result, cold water improves the lymphatic system and helps us achieve a healthy body.

Enhances Fertility

When considering cold shower benefits, we rarely think about fertility. However, with recent studies showing that cold therapy influences testosterone levels, there is a direct link here.

According to Mayo Clinic, approximately one in seven couples struggle with fertility issues. Men are partially responsible for these fertility problems.

The PubMed study illustrates a correlation between taking cold baths and testosterone levels. When the body comes into contact with cold water, it produces higher levels of testosterone. Moreover, the following study evidenced that cooling human testicles can substantially increase total sperm count and sperm concentration. On the contrary, exposure to heat—including hot water baths— are known to decrease the sperm count, at least in the short term.

Though there isn’t widespread evidence that cold plunges benefit fertility, there is certainly a strong correlation.

Cold Water Improves Lung Function

Given the deep involuntary breathing resulting from exposure to the cold, this benefit of cold immersion isn’t too shocking. Lung function is remarkably improved when the body contacts cold water, as found in this PubMed research study. As evidenced in the study, two main factors affecting oxygen transport in the lungs are hydrostatic pressure and temperature. Each is enhanced by cold water temperatures because of the boost in cardiac output from hydrostatic counter pressure and heating. Though the feeling of breathlessness— a common occurrence during those initial moments of a cold water immersion— can feel uncomfortable, it means the lungs are working harder to regulate the nervous system. This, in turn, leads to an improvement in lung function when we take a dip in the cold water.

Stablizes Blood Sugar Levels

Blood glucose (or sugar) distributes energy from food to the cells. Blood sugar levels need to be regulated to prevent health conditions like diabetes, kidney disease, vision loss, and heart diseases. Like these other benefits of cold water immersion, different kinds of cold exposure techniques can help.

Adiponectin is a protein that is responsible for blood glucose regulation. Low adiponectin levels are often discovered in people with insulin resistance. A study examining the effects of cold immersion on adiponectin levels in males showed that it causes a 70% increase. This leads to lower insulin resistance levels and improves the human body’s metabolism. Furthermore, cold immersion, especially swimming, helps the body burn fat. As such, there is significant research suggesting that cold exposure can address obesity and other health conditions noted above. 



Is Cold Plunge Safe?

Yes, it is designed to stay plugged in and on while in use it is safe with the electrical system housed in an enclosed compartment away from water splash. Some DIY cold baths require you to remember to unplug to avoid electrocution, and others are so low to the ground that water overflow can get into the electronics.

Will it "Stay Clean" For Daily Use?

Kooru uses a multi-faceted approach to water treatment Ozone, or O3 is the first line of water chemical treatment, combined with a 10″ Filter System to remove other impurities from the water. The Tank stays clean and with proper care and maintenance shouldn’t require a water change, to help conserve water. Some other unfiltered/ treated cold plunges require chemicals and or continuous water changes.

How Cold Does The Water Get?

The water in our Cold Plunge can reach temperatures as low as 39º F. Realistically it sits around 2 degrees within the range you program it to. You can set the temperature to your required temperature below 80º F. Please note it does not heat the water only keeps it below a set point.

I Am a Bigger Guy, Am I Going to Fit?

This is a question we get quite a lot. The tank size is a perfect fit for most shapes and sizes, That is up to about 6’5″ and 250 lbs.
If you are looking to see how deep you can submerge yourself try sitting on the ground and marking 28 inches on the wall. This will give you an idea of how high you can safely get the water up (the compartment is 30 inches tall) most people find that this is more than enough to even submerge their head if they wish.

What is Ozone Generation Filtration?

Ozone technology is very common in spas and other at-home water systems. It is a powerful and safe disinfecting agent. It removes the need to use things like chlorine and bromine and is safer because it consists only of pure oxygen. In short, ozone is terrific for cleaning water, which is why it is used in the most advanced drinking water treatment plants in the world.

Can I Keep My Plunge Indoors?

Yes, the tubs are designed to be indoors or out. If you live in colder climates, it is important to leave the water circulating  24/7 if the water drops below 32 for multiple days in a row to prevent freezing in the pipes. If it gets too cold for extended periods you may need to drain and empty the tub to prevent damage. Indoors it is important to have good filtration and ensure there is no water pooling at the base of the tub.



Lead Times 

  • 2  - 4 weeks+ depending on the order pipeline


  • Free Shipping Lower to 48
    • We provide local delivery (San Diego)
    • One week to 10 days - West Coast to Texas
    • Two weeks to the East Coast  
  • The tub is 34” wide
    • Some doors may need to come off, or find another way to get it into the location
  • Arrives on a pallet in the driveway if shipped

Other Details 

  • Ozone filtrations system self-cleans with O3
  • Filter change once per month ($6 on amazon, easy to change)
    •  If doing regular filter changes, once every 6 months-12 months
  • Manufacture warranty on parts (chiller 1 year and pump 3 years) and 3 years on our workmanship


All of our products comes with manufacture warranty. For all other inquiries you may send us an email to support@smartnaturestore.com

Have a Question?

Talk to one of our trusted experts today! Our customer support team would love to answer any questions you might have. Call us if you want to place the order over the phone (855) 601-2444 or send us your inquiry via chat.

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