Mini-O Turnkey Outdoor Pod - The Sixteen BnB Pod
Mini-O Turnkey Outdoor Pod - The Sixteen BnB Pod
Mini-O Turnkey Outdoor Pod - The Sixteen BnB Pod
Mini-O Turnkey Outdoor Pod - The Sixteen BnB Pod
Mini-O Turnkey Outdoor Pod - The Sixteen BnB Pod
Mini-O Turnkey Outdoor Pod - The Sixteen BnB Pod
Mini-O Turnkey Outdoor Pod - The Sixteen BnB Pod
Mini-O Turnkey Outdoor Pod - The Sixteen BnB Pod
Mini-O Turnkey Outdoor Pod - The Sixteen BnB Pod
Mini-O Turnkey Outdoor Pod - The Sixteen BnB Pod
Mini-O Turnkey Outdoor Pod - The Sixteen BnB Pod
Mini-O Turnkey Outdoor Pod - The Sixteen BnB Pod
Mini-O Turnkey Outdoor Pod - The Sixteen BnB Pod
Mini-O Turnkey Outdoor Pod - The Sixteen BnB Pod
Mini-O Turnkey Outdoor Pod - The Sixteen BnB Pod
Mini-O Turnkey Outdoor Pod - The Sixteen BnB Pod
Mini-O Turnkey Outdoor Pod - The Sixteen BnB Pod
Mini-O Turnkey Outdoor Pod - The Sixteen BnB Pod
Mini-O Turnkey Outdoor Pod - The Sixteen BnB Pod
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Mini-O Turnkey Outdoor Pod - The Sixteen BnB Pod 

The Mini-O Sixteen BnB Pod offers a comprehensive solution for accommodating guests or generating extra income. This compact outdoor pod, with a floorplan that only covers 160 sq. ft., features a 3/4 bath and a tiny dry kitchenette combo, making it ideal for use as an Airbnb, granny flat, or guest room. Based on MiniO's bestseller The Sixteen pod, this product provides even more convenience and versatility in a compact package.

No expense has been spared regarding the furnishing and production value of the Mini-O office pod. You’ll find key-lockable double-glazed doors and windows, an electrical heater, and customizable interior and exterior colors and looks among the long list of custom touches. It doesn’t even need foundations if the ground is already leveled and it has been engineered and insulated from the ground up to remain functional even in cases of extreme weather.

When it’s finished — a process that only takes six weeks from start to finish, including an installation that only takes a single hour with a crane or a shed mule — it’ll be all ready to plug into the grid with a 30 amp connection, so you’ll be able to get to work right away. Mini-O ships fully assembled to anywhere in the United States or Canada and handles all of their operations themselves without using contractors, which allows for an exceptionally personal level of customer service.


A compact turnkey guest house

Host your loved ones or put it to work.
The ideal Airbnb, granny flat or guest room in a tight package, with 3/4 bath and a tiny dry kitchenette combo, based on our best seller The Sixteen pod.

What’s included:

  • All specs of standard The Sixteen pod: click here.
  • Kitchenette (dry): 36'' W x 24” D x 75'' H
    • Color: Espresso
    • Stainless steel 3.2 cu. ft. refrigerator-freezer. with glass shelves. ENERGY STAR. CFC Free.
    • Convection microwave with air fry.
    • Upgrade to full kitchenette with sink for $3,500.
  • 3/4 bathroom:
    • Flush toilet.
    • White vanity and sink, black faucet.
    • Mirror -black frame, paper holder and towel hangers.
    • Exhaust fan.
    • 3x3’ white shower plate.
    • White acrylic alcove shower paneling, black hardware.
    • 7-gallon electric water heater to (at least 5' hot shower).
    • Walls and ceiling: moisture-resistant drywall, painted white.
    • Retractable roller shower screen.
    • 2 LED spots, 1 power outlet.
  • Optional extras:


Price with 3/4 bathroom and tiny dry kitchenette: 

  • Fully Prebuilt: $46,900 (Financing from $451/mo)
  • Flat Pack Kit: $42,900 (Financing from $413/mo)

Savings from $3,000 when you order 2 or more units.

Current lead time: 6 weeks.


  • Quick deployment (industry leading lead times).
  • Optimized design for easy delivery and relocation.
  • Low maintenance finishes.
  • Tax depreciation and the deductible lease payment.
  • Proprietary design for orders of 4+ identical units.
  • Leasing, between $500 and $700 per pod/month.

Recommendations to make the most of it:

  • Murphy bed and convertible furniture.
  • Best areas to add storage: bed, above toilet, front nook.
  • Trailer Extra for maximum flexibility.
  • Add a retractable patio awning with an exterior furniture set or expand the front step with a bigger deck.
  • Complete the kitchenette a coffee maker, kettle and toaster.



  • Dimensions of the Mini-O: 16'W x 10'L
  • Internal height: 8’2” in the front - 7’8” in the back
  • External max. height: 9’6”
  • Weight: 7,200 lbs
  • Footprint: 160 sf.
  • Living space: 131 sf.

Design Ideas

Mini-O Dry Kitchenette

mini-o sixteen bnb pod
mini-o sixteen bnb pod


mini o sixteen pod bnb

Exterior & Interior

Exterior cladding

  • Wood finish:
    • Solid colors
    • Clear coated red cedar
  • Metal panels with ribs, steel, 12” wide - available in 8+ colors.

Metal roof

  • 26 gauge standing seam steel residential roof, 16” panel. Concealed fasteners (cannot leak).
  • The roof is installed with a slope of 10.7 degrees for the Twelve and 8.6 degrees for the Sixteen.
  • Snow load: 18 psf. The Twelve (96 sf) can take 1,728 lbs. of snow and The Sixteen (160 sf) 2,880 lbs.
  • 8+ colors. “Cool” color pigments are specially designed to reflect infrared light, reducing heat gain, and conform with ENERGY STAR® criteria.

Interior walls

Clear coated birch plywood or QuietWall, an acoustically enhanced (theater-grade) wallcovering fabric -available in 6+ colors.

  • QuietWall:
    • Optimum acoustical benefits. Designed to inspire concentration and creativity by allowing you to speak and hear without echo or distraction from ambient noise.
    • Is fire retardant. The product passes ASTM E-84 - Class A and NFPA 265 corner burn tests, and the requirements of California CDPH Standard (Section O1350) for Indoor Air Quality.
    • Built for bio-responsibility and healthy living, made 100% from recycled plastic wraps walls in calming quiet for sound clarity and control.
mini o sixteen pod bnb
mini o sixteen pod bnb
mini o sixteen pod bnb


  • Acoustic foam panels (black), chess pattern.


  • Premium plank vinyl.
  • Waterproof and scratch resistant.
  • 20-mil wear layer withstands large pets and heavy traffic.
  • Made without harmful toxic chemicals, FloorScore certified and safe for the home.
  • Made in the USA.

Doors and windows

  • White setup:
    • Two 72x80”, double-glazed energy rated, vinyl framed sliding doors and one 48x24” slider window with the same features. Second door (side) can be deleted.
    • * Slider window could be replaced with a 48x36” unit, upon availability.
  • Black setup:
    • One slider (72x80”) and one picture window (24x80”) on the front and an awning window on the side.
    • Black powder coated aluminum or vinyl frame (subject to availability).
    • Thermal break.
  • The slider doors come with a manual lock in the inside and an exterior key lock.


  • Complete electrical setup:
    • 30A service required.
      • 50A when the bathroom extra is added.
    • 6 duplex outlets, each one includes 2 USB ports.
    • Interior lights: 4 LED spots.
    • Exterior lights: 2 LED spots.
    • 4 switches (3 with dimmers).
    • Exterior inlet: twist lock RV style receptacle, to facilitate hook up to your main service. See image below.
    • 100A breaker panel.
    • 110V.
  • Exterior twist lock inlet (RV style):
  • 100A breaker panel:


Whole Room Stainless Steel Heater with Auto Climate Control and Remote, 1500W.

  • Climate control senses and adjusts how much heat and circulation is needed to maintain set temperature.
  • Safety features: cool-touch exterior, tip-over protection and 2-stage automatic shut-off. Metal grill keeps dust (and fingers) at bay.
  • 5 Year Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Energy Sync lets you see how much energy is being used.


  • Fiberglass insulation, achieving these R-values:
    • R15 in the floor and walls.
    • R20 in the ceiling.
  • Tyvek® barrier in every wall and ceiling.
  • A reinforced insulation pack may be available for your area in case it’s required. Please ask you sales rep.



1/2 bath Includes

  • Flush (regular) and dry (composting) toilet option available.
  • White vanity and sink, black faucet.
  • Mirror, black frame.
  • Paper holder and towel hanger.
  • Exhaust fan.
  • 4-gallon electric water heater (fits inside the vanity).
  • 30" pre-hung door.
  • 2 LED spots, 1 power outlet.
  • Walls and ceiling: drywall, painted white.
  • Adds 1 week.

Good to know

  • Exterior Plumbing connections: fresh water comes into the pod via a 3/4” PVC pipe, grey water drains out through a 1-1/2” pipe. Both connections are stubbed out under the pod and come out through the side-bottom. Black water discharges through a 4” pipe, which should be connected up to the main site system or discharge lines (sewage, septic-leach field).

    • Trailer: The water comes into the pod via a fresh water hose, same size fitting as a standard garden hose (5/8”).

    • Dry/composting toilet option: does not require a black water discharge.

  • Heat tracer if required, would be supplied and installed by a contractor.

  • We do not handle the connections from outside the pod, but your contractor or our partners could.

  • When the bathroom extra is added the pod’s side window will be switched to the opposite side wall, outside the bathroom, that is to the left wall on the regular layout and to right wall on the flipped layout.

  • Both bathroom extras are available for both fully prebuilt pods and flat pack kits, with or without trailer.

  • Pod’s with the bathroom extra require a 50A power hookup (instead of the regular 30A).


Solar kit

If you want to add solar power it includes

  • 4 Monocrystalline panels with charge controller and installation accessories (400W in total).
  • 2 Lithium-Iron Phosphate Battery 12V- 170AH (340AH total).
  • 1 3000w 12V Pure Sine Wave Inverter (6000w surge peak).

Can I go off-grid with the solar pack?

Definitely, our solar panel kits are a great option for those who want to have reliable, constant access to energy without being connected to the grid.

Before making a decision you need to consider cloud cover (especially in the winter) and the amount of daylight hours your area of the country actually receives.

The northern sections of the country get a lot more cloud cover in the wintertime than the south. Finding sufficient solar power around the great lakes or pacific northwest is particularly difficult during the winter.

For the summer, most of the United States, with the exception of the extreme pacific northwest, is ideal for placing solar panels. The western and southwestern US is best, with the desert regions obviously receiving the most sun. But most all of the US can benefit from solar power throughout the summer. Sunshine is plentiful and there is no reason not to consider an investment in solar energy.

Typical use cases

When fully charged, and not receiving solar light (not recharging), the batteries can power:

  • 9h running: laptop + LCD screen + 4 interior LED lights + 2 ceiling speakers + fan + router, or
  • 20h running: laptop + 2 LED ceiling lights + router

* If the conditions allow for the batteries to recharge the off-grid span on these examples would be extended.

We always recommend a backup power source (generator, grid, etc) to assist the system when the batteries cannot fully recharge on a daily basis.



Where are the Mini Offices manufactured?

We build the Mini-Os in Marysville WA and Great Valley NY. We can ship them worldwide. 

How long have you been in business?

The Mini-O brand was launched in 2020 with focus on home working pods, but our team has more than 20 years of experience building tiny homes and structures.

We developed our Mini Offices because we believe #WFH is here to stay and we want to help our clients to boost their productivity at home, while giving them privacy and a place to relax and chill as well.

Can I add a bathroom/toilet?

Yes, we offer both a 1/2 and a 3/4 bathroom extra that fit inside the standard pod, no extra square footage is added. The 3/4 option  is only available for The Sixteen pod (16x10’).

How do delivery and installation work?

Fully Prebuilt pods:

We load your pod on a trailer and deliver it fully assembled to your property. Then we install it using a combination of the following: tilt trailer, shed mule or crane, depending on the accessibility to your backyard.

If accessibility seems impossible or it’s just too expensive to crane the pod, it can be assembled on site (review our Flat Pack Kit).

Flat Pack Kits / DIY:

The kit will be delivered on a trailer at your curb side. The assembly crew (yours or ours) will be responsible for unloading the parts.

How is the delivery and installation insured?

Mini-O has a $2 million general liability policy and that covers property damage. On top of that, our installation partners (shed mule companies, shippers, assemblers, crane companies)  have their own general liability policies.

How does the electric hookup work?

Our pods come with a 50A service (including breaker box) that needs to be connected to your house service panel. We do not handle the hookup but any electrician can do the job.

Inlet location:

  • Regular layout: back right corner, ~3’ from the ground.

  • Flipped layout: left back corner, ~3’ from the ground.

What are the prerequisites on my end? How do I know if I qualify?

All you need is enough space for the unit (14’x10’ for The Twelve and 18’x12’ for The Sixteen, that’s including 1’ all around) and 30A-50A available in your service panel. No matter how hard or easy the accessibility to your backyard, we can always install your pod. If there’s enough clearance around your house, we’ll go with the unit prebuilt. If there’s not, we’ll use a crane or assemble it on site.

What are the options for the foundation and ground prep?

We’ll need a clear and level ground where the pod will be sitting. If you’d like to build a foundation, any of the following are compatible with our office pods:

  • Pylex foundation screws

  • Gravel pad

  • Concrete pad

  • Wood foundation

  • Sonotubes (only for Flat Pack Kits)

  • Concrete pier blocks (only for Flat Pack Kits)

  • Piers and beams (only for Flat Pack Kits)

In all cases, the contractor needs to make sure it supports the weight of the pod (The Twelve weighs 4,600lbs and the Sixteen 7,200lbs), it does not need to be any bigger than the pod, and for ease of installation we recommend to keep the height difference with the ground at under 5”.

How do I prepare the site before installation?

You just need to make sure we have clear access to the location where the pod will be installed. A few considerations:

  • If we’re doing a ground installation (shed mule, forklift, etc), make sure you stop irrigation at least a week before, to avoid any grass damage.

  • If we’re using a crane, make sure your driveway is clear so the crane company has enough space to set the equipment.

  • For on-site assembly orders, we just need access to the backyard and the area should be clear.

Do I need to anchor the pod to the ground?

You don’t need to anchor the pod, but if your local authorities require it, then you have these options:

  • Steel “L” profiles

  • Simpson post bases

  • Pylex screws

  • RedHead anchors

The local requirements and the type of foundation you build will determine the right anchoring system, so please reach out to them first. Our product works with all the options, we got you covered!

Is heating and cooling / HVAC included? 

Smart heater included.

Extra AC available ($2,000): ductless heat pump mini split AC unit (9,000 BTU), capable of heating/cooling a room 3 to 5 times bigger. Made in the USA. Requires the customer to complete the DIY connection of the external unit (condenser), no need for a certified installer (doesn't require special tools, equipment or training). It comes pre-charged.

How do you install the Mini-O pods and how much does it cost?

We have a minimum of three options and we’ll find the best for your case:

  • Ground installation: For the Prebuilt Twelve we need 10’ width, and 12’ width for The Sixteen. Please don't forget to measure the ground clearance at your earliest convenience.

  • Crane: If you don't have ground clearance we can use a crane, as long as there are no power lines in the way. 

  • On-site assembly: You can work with one of our partners, use your own contractor or DIY. Review the more affordable Flat Pack Kit.

We can also build it on a trailer with no installation cost.

To find what works for your pod and quote it we need to take a look at the area. To do so please share a video and pictures, we will reach out after we receive and analyze it.

Can the Mini-O pods be relocated in the future?

Your mini office can follow you! You can take your Mini-O with you if you move with the same means used to install it (crane, shed mule, boom truck, etc).

How long does it take to manufacture the Mini-O pods? What’s the lead time?

Depending on your chosen customizations and installation method the lead time is between 3 to 6 weeks, from the moment we receive the 50% down payment.

How does the process and timeline work?

  1. Get a preliminary quote for your pod and customizations

  2. Send a video of your backyard to assess installation (only for pre built models)

  3. Get a final quote

  4. Sign purchase agreement and make a 50% down payment

  5. Production takes 3-6 weeks depending on the chosen model 

  6. Make final payment

  7. Receive your Mini·O and enjoy!

What is Made-To-Order?

Every pod is unique. So, once you place an order, we’ll manufacture and ship it in 3-6 weeks, depending on your configuration.

Will I have to get a permit?

We highly encourage you to check with their local permit authorities. Some areas may not require permits for structures under 200 sq ft.

The Twelve (96 sq ft) typically requires an electrical permit, and the Sixteen (160 sq ft) a building permit. That said, the requirements vary from city to city, so researching this locally is key. First check online: Google "[your county] shed permits” and look for the maximum size you can go without needing a permit. 

For the Flat Pack Kits, the contractor who assembles the pod would take care of pulling the permit. 

For the Fully Prebuilt units, if an electrical permit is required, we can leave the electrical wiring exposed to allow for the inspection to be conducted.

If you get the pod on a trailer chances are you won’t need any permits.

We also recommend you make sure they catalog the pod as mobile/portable, so they don't see it as a permanent dwelling space. Ideally not as a “home” office.

In any case, we’ll provide the base plans.

What’s behind the fabric top layer of the quiet wall? Will it be possible to mount shelving, etc.?

Beneath the QuietWall carpet there's a layer of plywood, and beneath that, the framing studs. You can definitely hang anything in the walls, as long as you hit a stud. We'll provide the framing plan so you know exactly where to drill the holes.

Are they soundproofed?

The acoustics inside the pod are great, the ceiling comes standard with full acoustic foam panels and walls are covered with Quietwall -a theater grade acoustic fabric. All doors and windows are double glazed, and we can delete the second sliding door (right wall) to have less glass surface. But all that does not necessarily mean the pod is completely soundproofed to avoid very loud noises from coming in or getting out.

For elevated soundproofing we also can cover the whole interior with an extra layer of a sound barrier. Extra cost $3,000.


The Mini-O Purchase Process

1. Customize

Choose and preview size, layout, interior and exterior finishes and colors, extras and add-ons.

2. Feasibility Check

Weˈll assess your property and propose the best delivery and installation option.

3. Final Quote

Weˈll email you the complete quote with shipping, installation, extras, lead times and any suggested alternatives for your convenience.

• Takes around two days, depending on the complexity of installation.

4. Deposit and Agreement

To save your spot in line for manufacturing weˈll request a 50% down payment and sign a Purchase Agreement online. At this point weˈll also confirm delivery dates.

• Usually takes one day.

5. Manufacturing

Weˈll manufacture your unique pod while we coordinate delivery, installation and any other requirements. When the pod is ready weˈll send you photos and request the remaining payment.

• 3 to 7 weeks depending on your configuration and current production queue. We begin as soon as your initial payment clears.

6. Delivery and Installation

Weˈll handle delivery and installation or assembly with our local team and partner contractors. All the professionals involved in the process are licensed and insured. You are free to pick it up and install it yourself or with your preferred contractors.

• Shipping and installation happen on the same day, usually just a couple of hours at the site.

• On-site assembly can take as little as 7 days, but may get delayed depending on local permit requirements. DIY is also an option.


We got you covered if anything goes wrong during shipping or installation (scratches, missing accessories, etc) or the pod suffers from any manufacturing defects for up 1 year. Please check the individual warranties of the different materials and appliances below. Our operations and engineering team will always be available via email to assist you with any doubts about the pod and its maintenance.

General Construction

1 year warranty against defects as a result of poor craftsmanship.

Metal roof and exterior cladding
40-year residential paint warranty: fading, chalking, chipping, cracking, peeling.

Doors and windows
10 year limited warranty.

Vinyl Flooring
50-year residential/15-year commercial warranty.

5-year manufacturer warranty.

AC (extra)
5-year parts and 7-year compressor.

Have a Question?

Talk to one of our trusted experts today! Our customer support team would love to answer any questions you might have. Call us if you want to place the order over the phone (855) 601-2444 or send us your inquiry via chat.